HOW Ask the could an Ecology Architect assist you. What benefits wold you gain and what beneftis would all gain? Whether it's your own simple garden development, new or retrofit.. or your park estate, a project within your professional responsibility. Be it a consideration you would like to offer into any project within your profession or work place that you see such benefit of an Ecology Architect.

The Farmscape or the farming landscapes is one of the landscapes of the world which is rapidly evolving. Perhaps the most important and critical of all landscapes in how it fits into the catchment and how it produces it's designated produce is where we can create a major positive change of abundance and richness, enriching for all to be rich.

Every farm is made up of many landscapes. Every farm is a garden. We will explore your lands greatest potential and unearth it for you. It all starts in the soil. We will address your soils needs as the basis and go beyond there. We will analyse your entire farm budget and draw attention to profit over productivity.

Once we have your soils thriving at the optimum capacity through quantum chemistry we will introduce many more possibilities to your operation. The diversity of your pasture, shrubs, trees and the farm hydrology is where we will demonstrate how exciting your farm enterprise will become.

The biology and the ecology of your farm is what we will always refer to. We learn from the cycles that nature provides us. The carbon and nitrogen cycles are very critical as is the water cycle. When we recognise what trees do within these we recognise many more opportunities for greater abundance, free.

We will eliminate many of your costly inputs which burden many farms.

Drawing all these keys together we then build on the landscape aesthetic to display a picturesque farmscape which you will be proud of while maintaining a focus on profit sired to productivity. We will focus on how to get richer.

We will consult, advise, and share our resources and networks, prepare, design and strategise. These may be very short medium or long term exercises depending on your needs and wants.

The landscape of the farm deserves to be a picturesque aesthetic which is full of life, bounty and pleasure. We know it is the finest place to be either owning, working, visiting or learning. We are offering our collective capacities to all who want to realise this into their farm, no matter where it is. The biology and the ecology of your farm is the most important tool that will invigorate your time in it. Lets explore how beautiful we can make it while focusing on the best level of profit in its productivity and vitality and how to get richer by being enriched.

It all begins in the soil. This is a living vibrant ecology. It must be developed as such. We will go beyond this in showing how pasture and trees play an equally signifcant role. We will also add to this how important water in all layers and places of the landscape is as important. With this comes diversity, which builds strength and long term true resilient sustainability. We have a vast library of networks intellectual resources and collaborators to call on. Our blog will have continued debate on many topics which hopefully will raise opinion and hopefully raise awareness of the bounties within any farming landscape. Our focus is squarely placed in your biology and the farm ecology for your gains, financially, emotionally and environmentally. You profit, we all share.

Beyond your garden, beyond your farm is every other element in the built environment, your house your home will take advantage of the talents available in ecology architecture. Roads and pathways similarly. Water systems. Wastewater especially will see incredible values when designed through principles of ecology architecture. Sewage is not a waste it is a rich resource not utilised. What is a weed?... a plant we have not found the true virtue of. Our kitchen garden offers us over 200 different plants for our salad. We have over 600 trees in our 13 acre garden all producing fruit medicine and mineral. Every plant on the planet has mineral and medicine. How can we utilise such for our benefit and that of our children and children's children?

PROJECTS Offered here is a small selection of projects I have created. Some were built, some are in concept only.

Lets debate the many and varied worlds of our agriculture, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, planning and all forms of engineering of our built environment. From profit based over productivity, have we got the P in the right order. Is NPK all we need ? Is Urea just green paint that cooks our micro-organisms and destroys the very fabric of our farm? Why are trees in your farmscape a greater investment than irrigation? What is Biological Agriculture? Has it any value? What of Regenerative Agriculture ?

Who have been the leading lights in this sphere and who is available today to offer us greater insight, experience knowledge and knowhow ? If you are on the net you can just about explore any aspect of any world.

Is there an argument? What of the same in Ecological Agriculture? Which universities actually can offer us something? Where is Permaculture and Biodynamics in these schools of agriculture today and tomorrow. Another key collaborator, Glen Atkinson, is the world's leading Biodynamic Scientist. His work shows us the values available for us to assist you working with more positive resources. His website explores the whole domain and the diverse range of resources available.

Who are we being manipulated by and why. Who can we rely on? Has Fonterra got a hidden agenda? Why use Chinese capital? Can we come up with the solutions and answers ourselves? Lets begin the debate and explore what resources are available to us to create an exciting vibrant landscape in our farm that you can be proud of and share amongst your family, community and the world, if you so dare.

ASSOCIATES As the lead consultant I do recognise the often need to bring in others who have a specific experience in a field which is key within any design or project.

As a fellow director of the Permaculture International College I mentor and guide students in the Masters and PHD in Permaculture. It is always rewarding to share the stimuli of this diverse subject with others for mutual benefts.