Steve Hart

WHO stands in this dominion to offer the diversity needed to re-engage the ecological worlds that we rely on so heavily for our nourishment and survival?

Such a vision of this discipline has been born in me, Steve Hart, which grew from very early on in my life. I have challenged the disconnect and never let go or ever wavered from the mission of what a true architect should offer. That is, in being an Ecological Architect. One who integrates the realms of the natural world, the ecological, onto the drawing board representing such in all design. Be it a garden a house an office, factory, industrial complex, institution or a precinct, a farm, a catchment an ecovillage or a whole city we ask what is the ecology of that garden? Of that house or city. My portfolio is extensive where I have been engaged in all of the above enjoying the challenges to bring together all the threads to make up the whole.

We are beginning to be rewarded from redesigning our farms into ecological systems. Similarly in offices averting the Sick Building Syndrome. (wikipedia) Which has been extended engaging a wider dimension known as building biology When we extrapolate and extend our dimensions as laterally as possible we can engage far wider vital connections.

The House has always been the centrepiece of the architect's drawing board. It is here that most advances of what is possible are represented. But why should we stop there. The opportunity to go well beyond an individual house to a cluster a hamlet a village a town an entire city or a catchment is where we must realise the potential.